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Frontline Horizon Investment W.A. Limited (trading as “FHIWA FARMS”) is an indigenous Nigerian Company incorporated in Nigeria on 13th October 2006 with registration number RC 671140.

Poultry Production

We deal with production of poultry products such as farm fresh table eggs, broilers, cockerels and sale of old layer birds.

Livestock Production

We also deal in production of livestock like cattle, goat and pig.

Crop Production

We deal with production of crops like maize, tomatoes, cassava, vegetables, etc.

Sales and Distribution

Sales and distribution (wholesale and retail) of the farm products.

The principal activities amongst others include to carry on the business of Agriculture and Farming in all its ramifications.

The poultry farm operations is currently the Company’s flagship business operation and comprises erection of chicken houses, poultry meat and egg production, sales and distribution (wholesale and retail) of the farm products.


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We can receive your order in form of emails, contact form or phone calls.


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We have competent hands on ground to receive and process your order in short time possible.


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We get back to you with your request processed via email and phone call.

Feedback from our valued customers

What our clients say about us

You can never regret patronizing FHIWA FARMS, they have got the best of everything they produce.
Jude Chibuogwu
I can recommend FHIWA FARMS to anyone because I enjoy timely response and good products from them.
Olalekan Afolabi
Business Analyst
FHIWA FARMS products are amazing.
Philip Ogungbenro
IT Consultant
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